Wauzaji Services

We are reaching out to Tanzanian business owners and fellow service providers to inform them about the services we currently offer and plan to offer in the future.

1. Website Development

As the developers of our own website, we also provide website development services that adhere to Google guidelines.

Our expertise ensures that your website will perform well and meet future requirements.

2. Advertising Placement

At wauzaji.com, we provide a platform for listing sellers, helping business owners increase their sales and gain recognition as sellers of their products.

By utilizing our website, you can expand your customer base and boost your business.

3. Free Technology Training

We are committed to empowering individuals with technology skills. That’s why we offer free technology training in Swahili on our Wauzaji Group YouTube channel.

By subscribing to our channel, you can access new lessons promptly and enhance your knowledge in various technological domains.

We are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of Tanzanian businesses. Stay tuned for more services and updates from Wauzaji.