About Me

I understand your curiosity about who I am and the skills I possess. My name is Lenald Minja, and I reside in Dar es Salaam.

What challenges do you face online?

I have encountered various challenges online. For example, I have undertaken numerous online projects, each presenting its own set of hurdles. Unfortunately, all of them ended in failure.

For instance, in the past, I created the website Wauzaji.com using my own code. However, a small security oversight led to a hacking incident, forcing me to start over using a different approach.

What have you studied in school?

  1. Confirmation – Kipaimara (2 years)
  2. Mechanics – (2 years)
  3. Information Technology – (3 years)

What have you studied Online?

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Computer user support
  3. Hardware troubleshooting
  4. Software troubleshooting
  5. Interpersonal relationship
  6. CCTV system operating
  7. CMS website designing

What other skills have you learned?

1. Driving skills – Class A, A2, B, and D

What Do You Enjoy in Life?

1. Helping people

I possess a deep passion for technology and communication, which fuels my desire to assist others in technology-related matters.

2. Exercising

Prioritizing exercise enables me to maintain good overall health and enhance my work performance.

3. Listening to music

Personally, I find solace in listening to music as it helps me relax when I am physically or mentally exhausted.

What Do You Dislike in Life?

1. Witnessing others struggle

It deeply saddens me to see individuals grappling with technology when I possess the ability to guide them effectively.

2. Technological stagnation

I am disheartened by the sight of individuals falling behind due to a lack of understanding and utilization of technology.

3. Receiving praise

Working diligently, honestly, and with dedication is my inherent duty. Therefore, I prefer not to seek or receive praise for these attributes.

How To Reach Us

You can get in touch with me by sending an email to my personal email address, which is [email protected].