Healthcare Sector

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What is healthcare sector in Tanzania

The healthcare sector in Tanzania is a vital component of the country’s overall infrastructure. It is responsible for providing essential health services to the population, including prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of diseases and illnesses.

Function of healthcare sector in Tanzania

1. Providing healthcare services

The healthcare sector in Tanzania provides a range of medical services to individuals and communities. This includes primary healthcare services such as preventive care, health education, and basic medical treatment, as well as secondary and tertiary healthcare services such as specialized medical treatment, surgery, and emergency care.

2. Promoting public health

The healthcare sector in Tanzania also plays an important role in promoting public health by implementing disease prevention programs, conducting health education campaigns, and carrying out epidemiological surveillance activities to monitor and control the spread of infectious diseases.

Supplies needed in the healthcare sector

1. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

This includes gloves, masks, gowns, and face shields that protect healthcare workers from exposure to infectious diseases and other hazardous materials.

2. Medical equipment

Medical equipment such as diagnostic equipment (e.g. X-ray machines, ultrasounds), surgical equipment (e.g. surgical instruments, operating tables), and monitoring equipment (e.g. blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters) are needed for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients.

3. Pharmaceuticals

A wide range of medications are needed in the healthcare sector, including antibiotics, painkillers, and vaccines, among others.

4. Laboratory supplies

Laboratory supplies such as test kits, reagents, and chemicals are essential for diagnosing and monitoring various medical conditions.

5. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies such as disinfectants and sanitizers are needed to maintain a clean and sterile environment in healthcare facilities.

6. Medical consumables

Medical consumables such as syringes, needles, and catheters are needed for various medical procedures.

7. Furniture and fittings

Healthcare facilities require various furniture and fittings such as hospital beds, chairs, and examination tables.

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