External Links Disclaimer

At Wauzaji Group, we value your online journey and strive to provide you with a seamless and enriching experience.

Our commitment to transparency includes clarifying our approach to external links found on our website.

These links are designed to complement your exploration but come with considerations that we want to outline in this comprehensive External Links Disclaimer.

1. Purpose of External Links

We include external links to websites beyond our control to enhance your navigation experience on our platform.

These links are offered for your convenience, allowing you to access supplementary resources and relevant information effortlessly.

2. No Endorsement or Control

It’s important to note that our inclusion of external links does not imply endorsement or recommendation of the linked websites.

While we meticulously curate these links to ensure quality and ethical relevance, we have no control over the content, privacy practices, or terms of these third-party websites.

3. Accountability and Content Responsibility

We must emphasize that we cannot be held responsible for the content, activities, or experiences on external sites linked from our platform.

By clicking on an external link, you are leaving our website and entering a separate digital realm governed by different policies.

4. Privacy and Terms

We urge you to exercise caution and diligence when interacting with external websites. It’s advisable to review the privacy policies and terms of use of any third-party site you visit, as they may differ from our own. Your protection and privacy while browsing external sites are your responsibility.

5. Acknowledgment of Risks

When you choose to navigate to external sites from our platform, you acknowledge and agree that Wauzaji holds no responsibility for any loss or damage that might occur due to your reliance on content, goods, or services offered on those external sites. We advise you to evaluate the credibility of the content you encounter.

6. Information Accuracy and Suitability

While we strive for accuracy, timeliness, and relevancy, we cannot guarantee the quality, completeness, or suitability of information provided on external sites. It’s essential to exercise discernment while consuming content beyond our website.

7. Security Considerations

We are not accountable for any viruses, malware, or harmful elements that might be present on external sites. We encourage you to maintain updated security measures while accessing external resources.

8. Keeping You Informed

We retain the right to modify or update this disclaimer without prior notice. We recommend periodically reviewing this statement to stay informed about any changes to our approach.

Contact Us for Clarity

If you require any further clarification or have concerns regarding our External Links Disclaimer, please reach out to us.

You can contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to assisting you and ensuring your online experience is as informed and secure as possible.