Discount Calculator

Using the Discount Calculator

Welcome to our Discount Calculator page! This handy tool will help you calculate the discounted price after applying a percentage discount. Whether you’re shopping online or in stores, understanding the final price after discounts can save you money.

How to Use the Discount Calculator:

Step 1: Enter the Original Price

  • Locate the “Enter the Original Price (Tsh)” field.
  • Input the initial cost of the item you want to purchase. Be sure to use Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh) as the currency.

Step 2: Enter the Discount Percentage

  • Find the “Enter the Discount Percentage (%)” field.
  • Input the percentage discount you want to apply to the original price.

Step 3: Click “Calculate Discount”

  • Once you’ve entered the original price and discount percentage, click the “Calculate Discount” button.

Step 4: Understand the Result

  • The calculator will display the discounted price after applying the specified percentage discount.


Suppose you want to buy a product with an original price of Tsh 10,000, and you have a 20% discount. Here’s how you would use the calculator:

  1. Enter the original price: 10000
  2. Enter the discount percentage: 20
  3. Click “Calculate Discount”

The result will show you the discounted price, helping you make informed purchasing decisions.


  • Ensure you enter valid numerical values for both the original price and discount percentage.
  • The result will be displayed in Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh) with commas as separators for better readability.

Enjoy your shopping experience with our Discount Calculator! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out. Happy saving!