About Wauzaji

The person behind this website is me, Lenald Minja. If you want to know more about me, click here on “About Me“.

Why Am I Here?

I’m also curious about how you arrived here, but I believe you clicked on the “About Us” section and landed on this page.

Do You Sell Products?

No, we don’t sell products on this platform. Instead, you will find a list of wholesale business owners who are reliable and straightforward.

So Why Don’t You Sell Products?

Right from the start of creating the Wauzaji website, I aimed to take a different approach.

So, What Problem Does Wauzaji Solve?

Wauzaji facilitates buyers, both within and outside Tanzania, in finding reputable and hardworking wholesale business owners.

Have You Finished Building It?

No, I haven’t completed the website yet. Currently, I’ve temporarily paused adding new features due to time constraints.

Why Does Wauzaji Use Swahili?

The entire Wauzaji website is in Swahili to ensure better accessibility and quick understanding, even for those who are not fluent in English.

Above, I was just joking. I’m aware that all your cousins are fluent in English. The reason I suggested using Swahili on the Wauzaji website is because it may make it easier for visitors to understand.

What Does Wauzaji Relate To?

The Wauzaji website focuses on various business matters and encompasses the following categories:

  • Sellers – 92%
  • Renters – 2.2%
  • Manufacturers – 2.1%
  • Lenders – 1.4%
  • Entrepreneurs – 1.2%
  • Distributors – 1.1%

How Many Visitors Does Wauzaji Have?

  • Daily visits: 2,000+
  • Daily pageviews: 3,000+
  • Monthly pageviews: 90,000+ (85% Organics)
  • Email list: 29,500+
  • Youtube views 100,000+

Where Do Wauzaji Visitors Come From?

  • Those who come from search engines – 65%
  • Those who come directly – 32%
  • Those who come from social media – 2%
  • Those who come from other places – 1%

We update this information every three months to reflect the fluctuations in visitor numbers.

How To Reach Us

You can get in touch with me by sending an email to my personal email address, which is [email protected].